Palram Outdoor Round Mound Garden Planter

PREMIUM PLANT HOLDER: The PALRAM OUTDOOR ROUND MOUND GARDEN PLANTER creates the perfect eco-system for growing plants as it is a complete, modern terrace for outdoor plants; made of a sturdy all-gray water-resistant material, there are 16 elevating sections that hold plants; it can be placed as a flower bed, raised garden, or on a patio; arriving unassembled, it comes with instructions in a box, ready for giftingTOP QUALITY MATERIAL: Made of high-quality, sturdy plastic, the medium gray PALRAM PLANT HOLDER will not degrade, shred, or tear; meant for outdoor use only, it can hold soil and plants in its 16 sections and does not warp or disintegrate due to water or natural elements; all parts are recycled and environmentally safe; Note: do not climb, step on, or sit on itBEAUTIFUL 3D DESIGN: With PALRAM, you have a large surface area that has 16 evenly squared sections for plants, making a round dimensional appearance for different colored patterns or types of flowers; add additional plants around the outside edges for more accents; the 4 middle sections have a sturdy locking support floor; there are cut-outs inside the walled sections, so plants are watered evenlyLink

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