Exhart Spinning Ferris Wheel Bird Feeder Moves

FERRIS WHEEL BIRD FEEDER: New and Improved with easy to clean plastic baskets! Watch this Colorful Ferris wheel bird feeder twirl with its baskets gently rocking from side to side, calling birds from near and far to partake in the fun and the feeding! This large metal bird feed will gracefully move with the weight of happy birds in your garden.ALMOST 8 FEET TALL: Watch as birds are attracted to this multicolor statue – its motion and elegance captivate any audience! This spinning bird feeder is UV treated and can withstand weather bound influences such as rain, snow, heat, and shine. Perfect as a garden centerpiece, or for any open area.CENTERPIECE OF ANY GARDEN: Exhart’s Ferris Wheel Bird Feeder doubles as a wind spinner and bird feeder with a sturdy construction that allows it to move smoothly as to not disturb the birds. This wind spinner is made of metal and plastic and measures 24in L x 10in W x 95in H. NEARLY 8 FT in size. A lovely kinetic art piece for all seasons!Link

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