Muskoka Fire Bowl

Includes: Fire Bowl, Spark Screen and Fire Poker The Muskoka Fire Bowl with hand cut Autumn Leaves design makes a striking landscape focal point day or night. With its unique self-stoking design, unburned logs slide down to the center of the fire making it much safer and more enjoyable than a fire pit, bringing friends and family together to enjoy the beauty of an outdoor fire, unlike any other fire bowl you’ve ever seen. Features Muskoka Fire Bowl – Autumn Leaves Wood Burning Fire Bowl- 42” or 36” Diameter Raised bowl design lets you tuck your toes under it. It warms toes and legs and is the most comfortable outdoor fire you’ve ever experienced, providing more warmth with less wood than a campfire. The spherical shape of our Muskoka fire bowl allows unburned pieces of wood which usually remain at the outside of a typical fire pit to naturally fall into the center, self-stoking the fire using 100% of the fuel for heat Every bowl is unique with beautiful hand cut artwork Muskoka Fire bowls make a striking landscape focal point, day or night.


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